Rhodar Update - Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

Rhodar Update - Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

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In 2020, Rhodar became an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT). This means our employees have a direct stake in Rhodar’s success, as they are beneficiaries of the trust which holds a significant portion of the Company’s shares on their behalf.

We believe that the Employee Ownership Trust helps to align everyone's interests towards a common goal, but also encourages a strong sense of commitment, loyalty, and collaboration across the business. By empowering our employees as owners, we're not just building a successful business; we're creating a workforce who are invested in its success, and in turn, are able to share in this success.

Since the inception of the EOT, we have been pleased to be able to pay several income tax-free bonuses to staff, in line with our annual business performance …

… and in February this year, we were delighted to pay our most substantial EOT bonus yet. All eligible* employees received an income tax-free bonus, to acknowledge their hard work and the individual contribution they made towards Rhodar’s success in 2023.

We look forward to another successful year in 2024 and being able to share this with our employees.

(*employed for a minimum of 12 months at the time of the bonus payment)

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